We work

for your health

With this principle in mind we founded the company
Medsportiv® in 2002 with the aim of providing for
today's people a balanced and healthy diet - supple-
mented by essential vital substances which are often
missing in today's quickly-prepared meals. Being
specialists in the field of vital substances for many
years, we concentrated right from the start on
nature's oldest recipe - Colostrum.

Colostrum's valuable ingredients support the immune
and hormone system and strengthen stamina and well
being in all age groups. The Bestvital® brand was
developed in order to share with as many people as
possible the positive experience gained with this
natural substance over many years.

We want you to feel good!

Today, our scientific team consists of specialists
within the health sector: medical specialists,
chemists, and food consultants who will be
pleased to answer your questions on Colostrum.
Send us an email under "advice".

With our know-how and experience we aim to
develop for you only the best products, now
and in the future. This is a promise.


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